Interactive websites for March 2011 – Primary

Name: Puzzle touch Address: Description: Create your own interactive puzzle. Name: Classroom Clipart Address: Description: Free clip art resources for use in the classroom Name: Roy the Zebra Address: Description: The site is home to a package of interactive games, stories and resources that have been developed to help emerging readers learn to read. It’s

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September’s interactive websites – Primary

Primary/Intermediate websites Name: make your own weather forecast Address:  Description: Fully interactive map and tools that allow students to present their own weather forecast. Name: Cool science Address:  Description: Huge collection of science based resources from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Name: Inner body Address:  Description: Resources for learning about the body Name: Out on

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August’s interactive websites – Primary

Name: Help Kidz Learn Address: Description: Range of free online games. Name: Shaun the sheep bleat game Address: Uses animated sheep to help create various sounds. Name: Virtual drumkit Address: Description: A virtual drum kit Name: Primary Interactive Address: Description: Range of interactive games for Primary. Name: BGfl Address:,index Description: Primary math games Name: Amazing space Address: Description: Blurb from the site – We promote the science and majestic beauty of

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Interactive websites for Primary

General: Name: Crickweb Address: Name: Primary Games Address: Name: Learning Planet Address: Name: SEN Teacher Address: Science: Name: BBC science clips Address: Natural History Museum Address: Name: National Geographic kids Address: Literacy: Name: Crazy Libs Address: History: Name: Animated Atlas Address: Math: Name: Cut the knot Address: Telling the time: Name: Bang on time Address: 

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Interactive websites for primary

     Name: Discovery Channel Address:  The Discovery channel site contains a range of information (videos, games too) over a variety of topics. Plenty of detail on each topic that it covers and well presented. Name: National Geographic Address:  Like the Discovery channel site, National Geographic takes the best of the tv channel, whilst also mixing it

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Manzana’s Primary and Intermediate Websites of the Month

Name: Birmingham Grid for Learning Address: An English website, ‘the Birmingham Grid for Learning’ is a comprehensive and well resourced online learning environment.  The sites real value comes in its free Interactive Whiteboard Resources.  With resources divided up by school year and subject there is a massive variety of engaging and interactive activities.   From simple activities such as matching body

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Primary and Intermediate website of the month – November

             Name: I know Address:  Purpose: A unique website full of highly interactive and educational games is a perfect partner for interactive whiteboards. A simple to use website, only requires you to take a minute registering (for free) and then opens up your classroom

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