Name: Discovery Channel Address:  The Discovery channel site contains a range of information (videos, games too) over a variety of topics. Plenty of detail on each topic that it covers and well presented. Name: National Geographic Address:  Like the Discovery channel site, National Geographic takes the best of the tv channel, whilst also mixing it with the […]

     Name: Discovery Channel Address:  The Discovery channel site contains a range of information (videos, games too) over a variety of topics. Plenty of detail on each topic that it covers and well presented. Name: National Geographic Address:  Like the Discovery channel site, National Geographic takes the best of the tv channel, whilst also mixing it […]

These days downloadable audio resources for kids are abundant and cheap (or free). This article is all about how you can find great audio resources to use with your Storyphones. This is just a starter: Keep searching and you will find more, and no doubt even better or more relevant resources for your particular needs.

As of February 2010 2Touch interactive is pleased to announce that they have partnered with UK based Visual Education (the creators and suppliers of WordWall). The partnership will ensure that every 2Touch board purchased, by a pc school, will come complete with the WordWall interactive software. Meaning 2Touch users will now receive both 2Touch Workbook […]

General: Name: Grammar Address: Science: Name: Whole brain atlas Address: Name: Interactive periodic table of elements Address: Name: Natural History Museum Address: Name: National Geographic kids Address: History: Name: History Chanel Address: Name: Worlds myths and legends in art Address: Name: Animated Atlas Address: Math: Name: Quadrilateral Quest Address: Name: Maths Net ( Address: Name: Ambleside Primary Address: BGLF – fractions Address: Cut the knot Address: Art Name: Mr Picasso Head Address: Music Name: The music interactive Address:

Science: Name: Absorb learning Address: Description: Range of science activities for: chemistry, electronics, mathematics, physics and advanced physics. Name: ARKive Address: Description: With the help of the world’s best filmmakers, photographers, conservationists and scientists, ARKive is creating the ultimate multimedia guide to the world’s endangered species. Name: Freeze Ray Address: Description: Interactive games for physics, chemistry and biology. Name: Periodic table of videos Address: Description: A […]

Name: Help Kidz Learn Address: Description: Range of free online games. Name: Shaun the sheep bleat game Address: Uses animated sheep to help create various sounds. Name: Virtual drumkit Address: Description: A virtual drum kit Name: Primary Interactive Address: Description: Range of interactive games for Primary. Name: BGfl Address:,index Description: Primary math games Name: Amazing space Address: Description: Blurb from the site – We promote the science and majestic beauty of […]

Both primary and Secondary Name: Neo K12 Address: Description: Online educational videos and games Name: Google Image Swirl Address: Description: Fun twist on Google image searching Name: The Innovative Educator – 100 video sites every educator should bookmark. Address: Description: A list of 100 video sites ideal for educators Primary Name: Online Audio Stories Address: Description: Range of online audio stories Name: Imagination Cubed Address: Description: Online interactive whiteboard Name: Woodlands […]

The research is definitive:  properly used, student response systems such as CPS enable educators to achieve startling improvements in learning outcomes with their classes.  Is this surprising?It shouldn’t be.  Only by adopting these solutions can educators (and the group as a whole) achieve instant regular feedback on the class’ readiness and understanding of the topic.  […]

Primary/Intermediate websites Name: make your own weather forecast Address:  Description: Fully interactive map and tools that allow students to present their own weather forecast. Name: Cool science Address:  Description: Huge collection of science based resources from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Name: Inner body Address:  Description: Resources for learning about the body Name: Out on […]

Name: Awesome highlighter Address: Description: Easy to use site that provides you with the ability to highlight all over a webpage and then saves your highlighted sections in an easy to access webpage. Name: Addition Machine Address: Description: Basic addition machine, fun and basic to use. Name: Subtraction Machine Address: Description: Basic subtraction machine, fun […]

Bea’s tips and tricks #3

February 25, 2016

Bea’s tip this month is all about creating a very easy but effective classroom activity devised around hiding and matching text. The first step is to simply think of an easy matching exercise that you can do on any interactive whiteboard software. For example, you have two groups of words, one group beginning with the letter ‘A’ […]

Manzana would like to congratulate JULIE KING for becoming the lucky winner of the 2Touch wireless slate with 2Touch workbook. Julie was placed in the running for the slate after she attended the 2Touch launch night held at Manzana’s offices. A current member of staff at Sommerville Special School, Julie, attended the 2Touch evening to […]

Websites of the month

February 25, 2016

             Starfall Starfall is a site that many of you may already know. Regularly rated among the top 10 educational websites, Starfall offers very distinct and in-depth interactive activities geared specifically towards helping children learn to read.The interactive activities Starfall contains a multitude of interactive activities: Starting of with sound and touch screen activities for each letter […]

The art of Math

February 25, 2016

Over time there has always been one defining factor at schools: most kids have ‘reserved’ feelings towards math. Maybe it’s the number factor, maybe it’s the equations or maybe it’s the fact that x + y shouldn’t equal anything because they are letters. But Manzana is proud to offer the hard working math teachers of this country […]

This month we review three interactvie and engaging websites covering a range of subjects from Chemistry to English, General Science, Social Studies and, well, just about everything. Virtual Chemistry Name: Virtual Chemistry Address: Purpose: Online Chemistry resource utilising multimedia. Virtual chemistry is one of the most comprehensive science websites on the web. Put together by […]

All new WordPad2 clickers

February 25, 2016

The all new WordPad 2 responders have arrived and provide students with even more functionality for responding to questions you pose. Expanding on the current WordPad responders, WordPad 2 introduces a QWERTY key board, full colour screen, separate joy pad controls, full language and math character support, new ergonomic design and multiple other features. The […]

Name: Classroom ClipartAddress: Description: Free clip art resources for use in the classroom Name: Geosense Address: Description: Geography knowledge test site Name: Babelfish Address: Description: Easy to use language translator Name: Visual Simulations Address: Description: Simulation software for teaching science with an IWB. They incorporate bold visualisation and real-time scientific models. Name: Interactive Address: Description: Interactive math and science activities Name: New Zealand Edge Address: […]