Changing the default beep

August 26, 2020

By default, during normal operation your 2Touch IWB will emit a faint “click” every time you touch the surface of the board, assuming that it is plugged in and working. The “click” is actually a very short “beep”, with the beep duration set to 1 millisecond.  This article concerns how this audible feedback can be […]

The 2Touch IWB (models 2102 and 2150, produced up until 2015) is compatible to both Windows and Mac operating systems.  However, it can be configured either as optimised for multi-touch on Windows (in which case it will not run on Mac OS), or as compatible for both platforms (in which case the multi-touch functionality is […]

Extended Desktop

Post explaining how to configure one or two 2Touch interactive surfaces (eg whiteboards) such that when using Windows “Extended Desktop” the extended desktop is applied to a 2Touch surface and that surface can be calibrated correctly.

My Beeping 2Touch IWB

April 20, 2016

Your 2Touch IWB is equipped with a simple buzzer which emits tones depending on certain conditions.   There are two normal operating conditions in which you should hear tones from your 2Touch iwb: Calibration tones: When calibrating, a high tone indicates that the calibration mode has been launched, and a low tone indicates the calibration mode […]

I can’t say this for other brands of interactive whiteboard, but so far as 2Touch IWB’s are concerned, calibration is always successful if done correctly. There is no deterioration over time so your 2Touch iwb will perform as accurately after 10 or 20 years, as it did when brand new.