Changing the default beep

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By default, during normal operation your 2Touch IWB will emit a faint “click” every time you touch the surface of the board, assuming that it is plugged in and working. The “click” is actually a very short “beep”, with the beep duration set to 1 millisecond.  This article concerns how this audible feedback can be adjusted, usually setting beep duration to zero for no sound on touch. 

Configuring the firmware on the 2Touch iwb is easy, but the USB Config utility used is no longer supported and has not been validated against current versions of Windows.  As there can be no guarantees on your experience, should you choose to proceed with the following instructions it is entirely at your own risk.

  1. On a Windows computer, download and install USB Config utility:
  2. Connect the iwb to the Windows computer.  Make sure connection is direct to the iwb via usb, ie not through any extenders, hubs, cat5 converters etc..
  3. In Start>AllPrograms> look for program group NextWindow>Touch+ 2.9. Click on “USB Config” to run it.
  4. In USB Config, find the slider control determining the duration of the buzzer beep. Slide this to zero to eliminate the audible feedback on touch.
  5. Save, and then close the utility.

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