Interactive websites for March 2011 – Primary

Name: Puzzle touch Address: Description: Create your own interactive puzzle. Name: Classroom Clipart Address: Description: Free clip art resources for use in the classroom Name: Roy the Zebra Address: Description: The site is home to a package of interactive games, stories and resources that have been developed to help emerging readers learn to read. It’s …

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Manzana’s Websites of the Month

Name: WorldWide Telescope Address:   WorldWide Telescope (WWT) enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope, bringing together imagery from the best ground and space-based telescopes in the world.     This amazing website will allow you to download one of the latest and greatest applications that Microsoft has come up with.  WWT gives users …

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The most powerful student response solution returns for round 2.0

Student participation experts WordWall have just released their next generation of handheld clicker and interactive interface in a joint WordWall 2.0 launch. Giving themselves a massive facelift, WordWall has introduced influential changes to both their interface software and hand-held clickers.  Continuing their focus on student participation whilst also taking their interactive interface a huge step forward and …

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Manzana’s websites of the month

Manzana’s websites of the month From ANZAC day to NZ frogs, this month’s websites are a bit of everything. Name: NZ Frog Address: A collaboration between the university of Otago and Victoria University, NZFROG is a New Zealand website based around the research, education and conservation of New Zealand frogs. Filled with teaching/education resources, NZFROG goes …

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Workbook 122 has landed

Workbook 122 is the latest upgrade to the interactive whiteboard software, 2Touch Workbook. Free to download for any 2Touch user, Workbook 122 introduces a range of new features designed to enhance the activities you create for your lessons. New features Web access from within your workbook pages A flash activities button on the toolbar providing access to a …

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Interactive whiteboard blogs

Teachers have taken to blogs and online communities like nobody else, blogging about all facets of education. And as you would expect ICT is one of the reoccurring topics within the education blogosphere, leading to a number of interactive whiteboard based blogs/communities. Below is a list of blogs/communities/podcasts that can give you the help you …

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Getting to know Workbook

This months Workbook helper looks at the all new Workbook Math tools: ruler, protractor and compass. Click on the link below to view the video: 2Touch Workbook math tools For other 2Touch Workbook helpers click below: Using the pen function Using screen annotate If you haven’t got the latest version then head to

Custom toolbars increase ease of use and productivity

One of Workbook’s great strengths compared to competitors, is it’s customisability. With just a few simple steps, ideally taken before users have even started with Workbook, the software can be made far more accessible and productive.  We suggest:– Decide on whether the standard icon size is most suitable across the organisation;– Decide on whether you …

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2Touch Workbook Upgrade

The latest 2Touch Workbook upgrade introduces a number of new features as well as enhancements to old favourites Latest features: Full screen/presentation mode Protractor tool Ruler tool Compass tool Enhanced collapse and expand features for connector tool To download the latest copy of 2Touch Workbook click on the link below. 2Touch Workbook upgrade Xorro Workbook …

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Interns Prepare Course Content in Xorro-Q

This summer, the University of Auckland Department of Civil Engineering has supplied eight student interns to work with Xorro on developing a targeted learning solution.  These interns have been working alongside another intern group (numbering seven) from Massey University contributing to product development in Xorro Workboook and Xorro-Q projects. Engineering interns lift the grade The Engineering …

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New Xorro Workbook 2.2 Supports PDF Import

This week Xorro releases version 2.2 of its Workbook whiteboarding software, co-branded Alphateach in the UK and Europe.   The new version includes features such as PDF import, enhanced design of the ruler tool, added grid functions and much more. Workbook whiteboarding software combines the simplicity and ease of use we all love from whiteboards, with …

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Student Response Systems enable student-centered teaching

Recently we followed up with Dr Michael Rehm from University of Auckland’s  Business School, on how he uses student response systems such as Xorro Q in his courses. According to Michael, the student response system has totally changed education. Traditionally, engagement in a classroom has relied on techniques such as breaking the class into groups …

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A Balancing Act: Lifting, Moving & Securing Large Displays

Whether it’s raising an 84″ display to above head height for crowds, or bringing 55″ interactive screens within easy reach of pre-schoolers, better design adds up to winning flexibility, sturdiness and safety. Getting it wrong means less value from your display, and substantial costs and safety issues. We take a look at the latest & best options for securing, lifting and moving large displays, keeping safety and durability foremost.