New lightweight whiteboards 

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When using a short-throw (or especially an ultra-short-throw) projector on a surface which is not perfectly flat, straight lines become wavy and focus may be compromised. This is especially aggravating when working with spreadsheets and documents. In a new development, Manzana has opened up access to its unique aluminum honeycomb panels for use with whiteboards. Aluminum honeycomb substrates provide strength, excellent thermal and dimensional stability, and of course are very lightweight. Whiteboards made by bonding enamel steel to these substrates are especially flat, making them ideal for use with projected images.

Until now, the stability, strength and flatness of these surfaces has directed their use exclusively toward interactive whiteboards. With this latest development, Manzana is making available a solution much more appropriate to use with any projector.

Panels are available in any size up to 2400mm x 1200mm, and in standard thickness of 25mm.

Please call 0800-200-121 ext 701 to speak with Pablo Garcia ( about using these panels.