Storyphones have arrived at Manzana 

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Manzana is pleased to announce that we now supply StoryPhones. A new way for children to listen to stories and music via MP3 technology

StoryPhones is a complete digital audio system using MP3 technology. Each Headset is an individual MP3 player with a rechargeable battery allowing your children to listen to stories and songs indoors and outside.

The resourcefulness and mobility of the StoryPhones MP3 players make it very easy for children to use audio resources to support and extend their leaning, and for teachers to plan and incorporate listening activities into the learning environment.


Eleanor Johnson, an Early Years teacher, set out to create a resource which would make listening as easy as possible for children aged 3 to 7. She wanted a digital audio player that would be robust, durable and without wires. The result was a totally original concept; StoryPhones, an MP3 digital audio system with a myriad of useful features.

StoryPhones combines robust MP3 headsets, a loud-speaking MP3 player with recording facility and versatile software to manage player settings and your audio resource library. To complete this digital audio solution Eleanor worked with many well known educational publishers to create BookShelf, the first MP3 download store for primary education.

StoryPhones Features

The Headset

A child’s headset with built-in digital audio player

Very robust – no moving parts to break off
Easy to use controls – designed for children
Built-in rechargeable battery
Unique automatic play and rewind feature
Wire-free – no more tangled or messy wires
Foam pads that just won’t pick off
Can be controlled by the Remote Console


The Remote Console

A loud-speaking MP3 Player with record and remote control features

Easy to use loud-speaking MP3 player
Built-in microphone for recording to track or assess your children’s spoken language
Switch controlled for inclusive access
Links with Headsets to become the remote control for group listening
BookShelf Software and Download Store


Manage your MP3 players and audio resources

Create playlists and link them to your planning
Create and manage audio assessments
Listen to audio tracks through your computer
Exclusive access to a wide range of audio stories, music and resources
Setup each MP3 player for individual or group activities, disable

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