Tips and Tricks for March – Primary

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Using the Freeze button on your projector

Most projectors come with a freeze button. What the freeze button does is takes the current image on the projector and freezes on it – so you can use your computer without changing what the projector is showing. This is ideal if you want to leave a certain projector screen up whilst doing something different on your computer. If the students go to touch the board the image will remain the same.

But, beware, even though you’ve frozen the projector, if students touch the board, and the board is still plugged into your computer, they will move your mouse around and randomly open/close things. The best way to avoid this is to freeze your computer and then unplug the board from your computer.


This month sees the start of a monthly video series designed to get users up to scratch with the various tools available for them to use within their whiteboard software.

This month we have two videos looking at using the screen annotate tool and the basic pen function.

Screen annotate

Pen function (workbook specific)