Primary and Intermediate website of the month – November

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Name: I know
Purpose: A unique website full of highly interactive and educational games is a perfect partner for interactive whiteboards. A simple to use website, only requires you to take a minute registering (for free) and then opens up your classroom to a world of interaction. Contained within the website are numerous interactive activities concerning multiple subjects: maths, basic learning of the English language, geography, science, social studies, the arts, as well as a teacher guide for each activity.
The creators of the website have grouped the websites content into five distinct categories: fun learning, open-ended creative activities with project saving and showing, user-generated content areas, educational videos, and a massively multiplayer virtual world.

There are a multitude of interactive games available on the website that aim to get your children up to the interactive whiteboard. A simple example is the set of games known as Animal universe where you choose a background habitat (over 12 available from Serengeti to the Amazon) and the class is required to drag animals (from a pictorial list on the side) that belong to that habitat. Every time an animal is placed correctly onto the background a random fact pops up. Once your class successfully completes the interactive game they are awarded an animal card which when clicked unleashes a list of information about the animal.

The amount of activities has on offer is remarkable and defiantly worth checking out.

Here’s a list of games that the Manzana crew enjoyed the most:

Punctuation Paint Ball:
A fast paced game designed to improve student’s punctuation. Armed with a space blaster full of punctuation paintball bullets, the aim is to shoot the correct punctuation bullets into a sentence containing no punctuation at all.

Dam Jammer:
Armed with a variety of shapes, children must stop the water from leaking out of the dam by plugging up the holes with the correct shape.

Label Maps:
A fun game designed to increase children’s knowledge of the world around them and where countries sit on the world and regional maps. You start of by picking the global area you wish to cover, all continents are included and some can be further broken down. The activity provides a map with just country borders and country names to the side. Students drag the country name to the area that they believe to be the country and if its right the area lights up and its locked in. The activity contains multiple facts for each country and a hints and tips section if they get stuck. can be a very addictive site and features loads of interactive games that are best done through an interactive whiteboard but can still be done by sitting in front of a classroom computer. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to bring some razzle dazzle activities to your class.

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