Manzana tips and tricks #5

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This month’s tips and tricks take a look at nifty little short cuts that make using your IWB that much easier.

A fancy way of touching your board

Here is a trick that is set to make you the coolest IWB user in the school. Want to move an object from one part of the screen to another quickly and cut out all that dragging?

  • Firstly touch and hold the object you want moved with one of your fingers
  • Then put another finger on the spot you want the object to go
  • Release your first finger (one attached to the object) and ‘bam’ your image instantly moves to the position of your second finger.

Here is a handy trick for hiding answers

If you have an answer that you want to hide from your students (e.g. the exact time being shown on an example clock) then simply:

  • Write the answer in a text box
  • Choose the pen function and match the colour of the pen to that of the background colour
  • Colour over the answer with the background coloured pen – hiding the answer.
  • Then once you want to reveal the answer, rub the eraser over the top of the hidden answer – rubbing out any ‘invisible’ pen marks that you left and revealing the answer.