Workbook 122 has landed

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Workbook 122 is the latest upgrade to the interactive whiteboard software, 2Touch Workbook. Free to download for any 2Touch user, Workbook 122 introduces a range of new features designed to enhance the activities you create for your lessons.

New features

  • Web access from within your workbook pages
  • A flash activities button on the toolbar providing access to a first set of Flash activities
  • Improved image handling
  • Improved connector turning points and labeling – Brain storming button
  • Registration Facility

Steps to downloading

1. Go
2. Internet Explorer – Click RUN – you may then get a Security warning, simply click RUN.
     Google Chrome – Click Save (along the bottom of your Chrome Window) then click on the WorkbookSetup1220 icon (also located along the bottom of the window) and click RUN.
     Firefox – Click SAVE, then double click on the WorkbookSetup icon (on your desktop) and click RUN.
3. You will now get the setup menu. Click NEXT, read the terms and conditions if you agree then click I AGREE
4. Click NEXT (you can un-tick Register file extension but it is advised that you don’t)
5. You can then choose a file location for 2Touch Workbook to be saved (if you wish to change the default location – programme files – click browse on the right hand side) otherwise leave the file as is, click INSTALL.
6. 2Touch Workbook will now be downloaded onto your computer, click finish and from there your computer will launch 2Touch Workbook.



When Workbook first opens up you will be prompted to Register Workbook. The registration process enables us to keep you up to date with the latest developments, new upgrades and new resources for 2Touch Workbook. Simply click Click to register and from there you will be taken to a basic registration form.