Manzana’s websites of the month

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Websites of the month: August

Name: Early New Zealand books Address:

The Early New Zealand Book Project (ENZB) has been put together by the University of Auckland and has a range of books published about New Zealand in the 19th century. The books are an amazing resource for gaining insights into both traditional MÄ ori society and the early European settlers. With plenty of journal work detailing what it was like to live in the various stages of 19th century New Zealand.


Name: Ball Droppings


Ball Droppings is a neat little website that works best on an interactive whiteboard and looks at the ideas of gravity and angles. By using a steady stream of dropping balls, users can change the level of gravity affecting the falling balls, as well as the ability to draw lines in the path of the balls changing their direction – the site is a good physics resource. The best way to explain Ball Droppings is to simply visit it, a free to use website and part of the chrome experiments which is simply a website setup by people that create activities using web browsers and JavaScript. 



A fun to use multi-media website,, takes you deep into the natural inhabitants of some of the worlds most interesting and endangered animals. Using a host of live camera feeds, shows animals in their natural environments that range from the plains of Africa to under water cameras.