Manzana’s Primary and Intermediate Websites of the Month

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Name: Birmingham Grid for Learning

An English website, ‘the Birmingham Grid for Learning’ is a comprehensive and well resourced online learning environment.  The sites real value comes in its free Interactive Whiteboard Resources.  With resources divided up by school year and subject there is a massive variety of engaging and interactive activities.


From simple activities such as matching body parts to their names and school safety, through to the basics of sign language and even an interactive story of Herakles and his 12 labours.  The site is definitely worth having a quick look over.




Name: Sheppard Software

Sheppard software is a free educational software site designed to bring colour and sound back into classroom learning.  With multiple interactive games scattered through different subject fields: Math, Chemistry, Science, Geography, History, English, Nutrition, even some very good, brain testing, logic games, there is an huge array of activities for your interactive whiteboard.



Here at Manzana we have been overdosing on amazing websites this year so here are a few worth a check out.




Name: Google Mars




Description: Check out Olympus Mons and other parts of the red planet on this very basic, but neat mapping tool of Mars.



Name: NZ Parliment




Description: Although only a small website it gives great detail into how our parliament works. Interactive games include making your own bill – with title, clauses and the process through which it goes.  There is also a story/game based on fictional country ‘Zilargoye’ inhabited by elves, which runs a parliament distinctly similar to ours.



Name: Quizlet




Description: Online Flash Cards


A fantastic site for making up your own or using someone else’s flash cards.  Simply sign up (for free) and then search the topic that you are interested in.  From the search results you choose the set you are interested in.  You will receive a premade list of words with each one having an attached meaning/word which turn into digital flash cards, games or tests in order to aide learning.


You can create your own set of flash cards by inputting matching words/definitions and saving online.  You can create your own group so that you can share cards/results and instant message each other.  There is a wealth of premade cards online already including the likes of Te Reo Maori, capitals of the world and much more

If you would like a list of the websites simply visit our delicious site and you’ll find them there.


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