NZ Made 2Touch avoids exchange rate hikes. 

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The 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard is Kiwi designed, Kiwi made and when the Kiwi dollar drops the price of our boards remains steady.

With a reputation for ingenuity, New Zealanders are never far off the pace when it comes to technological developments – 2Touch is no different. With the advanced optical touch technology designed and built right here in NZ along with NZ manufactured whiteboards, the 2Touch package is the real kiwi deal.

What’s more, because 2Touch is completely made in NZ you can be guaranteed that when the lower exchange rate (as is predicted to go below the US 50cent mark) makes all the Canadian, Japanese, and British boards more expensive, 2Touch will further strengthen its best value status.

2Touch is so good that even the Aussies want a piece of it. With three distributors and over 200 boards already installed in the land of Aus since February, 2Touch is enhancing education from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Although 2Touch is relatively immune to price increases – unfortunately our projectors are not. Due to exchange rate decreases and costs of production increasing the Epson Short Throw projector will be experiencing a price hike in the months preceding the New Year. So if you’re unsure about whether to buy a data projector now or leave it, we suggest now is the best time as the possibility from anywhere between a 5-20% hike is expected.