Manzana Tips and Tricks #7: Everday Calendar

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Ways to start your IWB day part 1: Everyday Calendar Page

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An easy way to start a lesson is by using a calendar page. This page can be re-used every day and uses the following techniques: infinite clone, cut and paste and drag and drop.


  • Open an empty page.
  • Using the text tool place the heading ‘Calendar’ at the top.
  • Using the text tool place the title ‘Today’s date’ below the ‘Calendar’ heading but to the left hand side of the page.
  • Using the line tool draw 4 individual lines in a row next the ‘today’s date heading. The first line is for the day of the week, the second is for the date of the month, the third is for the month and the fourth is for the year.
  • Next, you want to create a rectangle with an outline and a fill colour. This is the first of your days of the week boxes. Write inside it ‘Monday’.
  • Copy the Monday box, and then paste it 6 different times – one for the other days of the week
  • Click on each rectangle and change the text from ‘Monday’ into the next day of the week.
  • Now, doing the same thing as you did for Monday, but this time for January (with a different rectangle fill colour)
  • Copy and paste ‘January’ 11 times and input the next 11 months into their own rectangle box.
  • Repeat the last process for the 31 individual numbers (1, 2, 3, 4 …. 30, 31)
  • Create a text box for the year.
  • Make sure all the days, months and numbers are grouped in their respective groups.
  • Highlight all of the days, months, numbers and year by clicking dragging across the top.
  • Select any one of the objects arrow menu, and go down to ‘infinite clone’
  • All of the selected objects will now be set to infinite clone.
  • Your basic calendar is ready to use

Extra additions


  • Choose a background colour
  • Have yesterdays and tomorrows date.
  • Use pre-existing days/months titles from 2Touch resource/internet clipart
  • Down the bottom of the page create a space for the students to write the numerical date up