Manzana Tips and Tricks #6 Sentence Maker

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This month’s tips and ticks section takes a look at an easy way to create basic sentence exercises.

Click here to watch the video. 


Basic sentence exercise:

  • Using an empty page (ideally in 2Touch Workbook, Notebook, or PowerPoint) create a rectangle that will be used as the sentence making space.
  • Create individual words using the text function. Make sure that each word is a separate object, so that it can be moved around on the page. You can choose to create text boxes for each word to go into if you want.
  • Create a range of words that can be used to make a sentence.
  • Arrange the words randomly above the sentence maker rectangle.
  • Your class can now create a sentence by dragging the individual words into the sentence maker rectangle.

You can use this exercise in a variety of ways:

  • Create multiple individual words and replace similar words within a sentence – nouns, verbs etc…


  • Create three sentence maker rectangles on the page and use very similar sentence structures for the individual words above them. For example, the top sentence maker’s words could make ‘I went to the Shops.’ whilst the second one’s could be ‘I went to the zoo.’.