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Greetings from the whiteboard! This month I have two websites to share.


The first is called Tutpup. This is a Mathematics website that allows your students to join up either at school or home and challenges them to compete against students from around the world. I have watched a class of students become high enthused with Maths as they sit with a buddy and compete against other students in a range of activities.

For www.tutpup.com I am awarding a ‘keep them busy’ 3.5 stars



The second website is called Pearltree. Basically it is a facilitator for people that like visual maps of their favourite website and searches that can be pinned and mapped in categories that allow you to go back and access them with ease. I can see it being used as a favourite’s window for a study with your class on the Olympics games. You could ask your students to select a website from the approved range that you provide through pearltree and then using an inquiry model they would research an aspect of the games (Athlete profile, country and culture etc).

For  http://www.pearltrees.com I am awarding a ‘creative’ 4.5 Stars


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