5 Quick Tech tips and tricks

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Make your web browser full screen and minus toolbars

Press F11 when using a web browser to make it drop any toolbar and go full screen.  Ideal for use with projectors. 

Alt + tab

An easy way to cycle through all the windows you have open is by using the Alt tab menu.  Simply hold down alt and press tab to bring up a menu of all open programmes and continue tapping tab until you select the programme you want. 

Print Screen – full screen and window

Quick short cut for taking a full screen snapshot: hold down Ctrl and tap Print Scrn

Quick short cut for taking a snapshot of just a window: hold Alt and tap Print Scrn

Freeze button on your projector

Most projectors have a freeze button.  This allows you to freeze the projected image and continue working on your computer.  That way your students see one screen shot, whilst you work on something else. 

Image clarity in Windows 7

If you want to make sure that the image on your screen or projector is optimal type cttune.exe into the start menu’s search box.  Open the cttune program.  You then get a series of screens that shows you a variety of different versions (altered by clarity) of the same text.  You select the version that looks the best and head to the next page. Once completed your screen will adjust and display will be best suited to what selections you made.