Free audio to use with your Storyphones

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These days downloadable audio resources for kids are abundant and cheap (or free).  This article is all about how you can find great audio resources to use with your Storyphone sets.  This is just a starter:  Keep searching and you will find more, and no doubt even better or more relevant, resources for your particular needs.

The first set of links are all free, then I have added in some bookstores as well, and lastly I did a couple of searches on TKI… see the table. You’ll find all the titles imaginable; all ages; plenty of local audio books too.


Link Comment 18 pages of free downloadable audio books for children Free audio stories for kids (downloadable) 200 titles of free downloadable mp3 audiobooks for children including Reading series Free Audio Stories for Children at Light Up Your Brain (downloadable as mp3)


Link Comment Wheelers catalogue of audio stories (for purchase) – these are typically print plus accompanying CD. CD may need to be “ripped” to mp3 (use standard Windows MediaPlayer to rip) Usborne provides several series of audio + accompanying print materials: Young Reading Series, Farmyard Tales Series, English Learners Editions. About 20 titles for children from this NZ on-line bookshop An online childrens music shop; there are free downloadable books and activity notes.

In addition to the above, all NZ educators will appreciate their access to the TKI resources.  A search on TKI filtering for audio and for year level (early childhood, or early primary) reveals a wide array of downloadable materials.

Beyond the above: You should check out You can search for audio; filter by title, author, genre etc; choose how to download; all at extremely low prices.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate that this is just a tiny sub-set of the most easily available resources. I would be very keen to know what you found to be helpful and useful from the above.  If you can find the time to share, please email me  – I’ll spread it around to other schools!

The mp3 (which is supported by Storyphones) is the common file format for audio but of course there are others. If you do download a different format such as .wav or .mp4 or other, you’ll find it can easily be converted to mp3 or to another format supported by Storyphone.

If you’re unsure of how to get these abundant audio resources into the headsets or onto the Storyphone system, just call us and we’ll gladly give you a few pointers!

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