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By taking the best bits of WordWall 2 and placing them into an all-new, easy to use, striking interactive interface, WordWall 3 has completely reinvented the interactive software experience.



New activities:
WordWall 3 comes with a range of brand new interactive activities.





Updated Activites:
Classic WordWall games such as flip tiles and opinion have all been given a face lift in WordWall 3.




For a complete list of all new WordWall 3 activities click here.

Setting up a WordWall resource

The all new WordWall 3 makes it easy for teachers to instantly setup and run interactive activities during the lesson.


Downloading WordWall

If you’re a current WordWall or 2Touch customer then you’re entitled to a free upgrade to WordWall 3 – dependent on how many user licenses you have in your organisation.

Download the latest WordWall software from here: getwordwall

If you’d like to purchase a WordWall software license then contact Manzana.

Using WordWall 3 with WordPad

Like its predecessors WordWall 3 will work perfectly with the WordPad response solution. WordPad’s full text QWERTY key pad responders provide your students with the ability to interact directly with your lesson via the WordWall software. Students can answer multi-choice questions in Quiz, send full text answers onto brainstorm or register opinions via the opinion scale.



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Models of 2Touch IWB’s Model Years Plug-and-Play Multi-Touch Calibration 2Touch TE106 2014-current Yes: Windows, MacOS Yes, up to ten simultaneous point, no additional drivers needed Calibration utility required Download TouchServer Download TouchServer-MacOS 2Touch 2150 (all sizes) 2009-2014 Yes, Windows, MacOS (MacOS requires configuration of IWB to support multiple platforms) Yes for Windows Vista, 7, 8; requires […]

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Wordwall activity generation software allows teachers to freedom to create, play and edit resources. Teachers use it to instantly make interactive games and educational activities.

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Workbook whiteboarding software for Windows is suitable for any interactive display or interactive whiteboard, but can also be used without these tools.

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You can use Xorro-Q without this Launcher, however the Launcher does make the use of Xorro-Q activities in live presentations and lesson settings, more convenient.  You’ll need to use your Xorro login to download the Q-Launcher for Windows or the Q-Launcher for Mac