When a picture is worth a thousand words

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For over 115 years the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre (VADEC) in Christchurch has been devoted to helping deaf and hearing-impaired students communicate with the world. So when the world’s first fully government funded school for the deaf decided to invest in an interactive whiteboard they were following in a strong tradition of utilising the best tools for teaching their students.

In an effort to further enhance their use of the board VADEC contacted Manzana with a request for PD. After the PD sessions with Manzana’s Karen Rolleston VADEC further embraced their interactive whiteboard with a more distinctive view specifically towards their needs. VADEC special resource teacher Michele Yonetani commented that “Karen has tailored the input to best meet the needs of our students, for which we are very appreciative”

The result of using the board and subsequent PD was evident when a group of young students, on a regional course at VADEC, visited from the North Island. This gave VADEC a chance to introduce some of the students to an interactive whiteboard for the first time. One of the students, a young girl by the name of Sarah, spent her time drawing around and playing with an image of herself taken only moments before on a digital camera. 

Michelle pointed out that “the highly visual aspect of the interactive whiteboard has the potential for huge benefits with deaf students” and that “they were enthralled with what they could do with the interactive whiteboard and had a great experience”.

Located in the staff room of the centre is a picture of young Sarah and her picture of herself with the words “Definitely SMART”. 

For further information on Manzana PD please emailsales@manzana.co.nz or call us on 09 440 9988.