The most powerful student response solution returns for round 2.0

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Student participation experts WordWall have just released their next generation of handheld clicker and interactive interface in a joint WordWall 2.0 launch. Giving themselves a massive facelift, WordWall has introduced influential changes to both their interface software and hand-held clickers.  Continuing their focus on student participation whilst also taking their interactive interface a huge step forward and developing it into a complete lesson tool that can be used from the start to finish of the lesson – and every part in between.

Interactive Interface


The Interactive Interface gives you the space, software and resources to create instant classroom activities/lessons.  Delving into a industry front runner idea when it comes to its image bank (normally referred to as the gallery in standard interactive whiteboard software), Interactive Interface 2.0 has bounded ahead of the competition.Instead of forcing you to download a very minute amount of gallery pictures directly on to your computer, the Interactive Interface simply takes your key word or lesson topic and uses multiple, net based, image search engines.Filtering out unrelated and inappropriate pictures, the WordWall image bank provides users with a wealth of images in topics ranging from Ernest Rutherford (14 images) to Photosynthesis (24 images) and even Sir Richard Hadlee (14 images). Also included is the amazing resource bank that contains over 2.4 million encyclopaedic articles; giving you instant access to a wealth of information.



You can then take all the lessons you have made and convert them into games and quizzes with the click of a mouse.  Your students can then use their WordPad clickers to navigate their way around the board, answering and adding to questions you pose in 20 different styles of interactive and engaging WordWall games referred to as Wizards.  Each wizard has a distinct feature that provides every student in the class with equal chance to participate and also gives teachers the chance to see where their student’s thoughts lie and access student development.
WordWall Interactive Interface brochure


The new look Word Pads delivers extra use ability and individuality to your students. Continuing on from the clever clicks, each hand-held clicker, gives your students the ability to text (predictive or normal) full word answers up to the board.  Each student is represented on your data projector or IWB by their own chip. They can interact with the board by answering questions, moving around tiles and even putting their opinion on rating scales.

Full text answers

Unlike simply voting handhelds that only allow for A,B,C,D answers, WordPad encourages full text answers from your students. WordPad opens up a range of higher-order thinking tasks, instantly giving everyone a say on the lessons topic/question.

  • Is GE or GM food safe?
  • What does a ‘horse a horse a kingdom for my horse signify for Richard the thirds character?

Students are given ownership of the board, keeping them continually engaged.  Students are also exposed to the various opinions of the class, giving both student and teacher a range ideas to create discussion and further understanding.

WordPad brochure