The interactive projector is here

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It’s what you’ve been waiting for!
The all new Interactive Projector has arrived at Manzana

Combing the crystal clear detail of an ultra-short throw projector with the engaging nature of an interactive whiteboard, the EB-450wi is the ultimate classroom tool.

Using the specially designed stylus you take control of your computer via the projector – no board or wall unit is required!

How it works

Inserted in the projector is an innovative camera that detects and captures the position of the interactive stylus on the screen. The Eb-450wi then sends these movements back to your computer, providing you with full mouse control over your computer and any program you have installed.



Not only is it a fully interactive projector but it’s the latest in projector technology. By being positioned less than 30cm away from the wall problems such as user shadowing and eye glare are virtually eliminated.



When you purchase your EB-450wi from Manzana it comes bundled with the innovative 2Touch Workbook software.

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