Special Announcement: Te Reo is coming to Manzana 

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Manzana invites you to watch this space as the bilingual cogs begin to turn and the count down begins to the announcement of when their top solutions will be available in te Reo.

Out of the current solutions: 2Touch workbook will be getting a Maori makeover, along with response system Optivote. These solutions will soon be offered in a te Reo option, giving users the ability to change between English and te Reo menus and tool bars. .

This exciting development is seen as the next step for Manzana in ensuring that they provide Aotearoa teachers with the best opportunity to support our countries native language. The ability for teachers to immerse their students in the language and enhance their learning of te Reo through ICT is influential in continuing to strengthen the growing use of the language.

With the availability of Google Maori and the online Maori dictionary going live, te Reo is already establishing a presence in ICT and can only grow and strengthen from here.

Manzana’s involvement in te Reo is part of their focus on bringing New Zealand centred solutions to our countries classrooms. Along with the te reo venture and 2Touch, New Zealand’s own interactive whiteboard, Manzana continues to aid in the development and delivering of New Zealand focused educational products.

If you have any questions, queries or just looking for a korero regarding Manzana’s up and coming te Reo range email us at sales@manzana.co.nz or give us a call on 0800 200 121.