WBook 4: Tools Talk

Stamps in Workbook

July 15, 2014

Use stamps such as tick marks, crosses, happy faces etc, to apply frequent symbols onto the canvas.

You can use Workbook’s Annotation Mode to draw over and use your favourite Workbook tools on any software or document in your computer.  This is a great way to extend the power of Workbook, to any other tools on your computer.  Mark up documents; draw on images, maps and charts; use the magnifier or the spotlight to focus […]

Using the Math Tools

March 18, 2014

Workbook has several useful Math tools; this video demonstrates their use.

Using the Polygon tool in Workbook to create any shape.  You can then go on to define the stroke and fill colours, styles etc.

Using the Resource Finder

December 8, 2011

Use Workbook’s Resource Finder to instantly locate safe, copyright-checked image and video resources on the internet, and deploy these to your activity (or save them for later).