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The StoryPhones System  is the first complete MP3 digital audio system designed for use in schools for children aged up to the age of 8. 

StoryPhones is a set of  six MP3 player headsets, a loud speaking MP3 player "Remote Console" with microphone, and a USB base unit. All of the players have rechargeable batteries so there are no more messy wires to tangle up or trip over. BookShelf software is included.

The possibilities of using StoryPhones to help develop children's listening, communication and literacy skills are endless!

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Storyphones are indestructable!

Storyphones are indestructable!

The StoryPhones Wireless Listening Post Solution

Storyphones solution consists of ultra-robust wireless headsets for the children, and a console which connects to a teacher’s computer.  The console is used to download, store, organise and distribute the audio to the headsets, and can also remotely control the audio as required.  The headsets allow the children to listen and control the trcks at their own pace, or to listen together as a group.

The StoryPhones Headset

Storyphones use very robust, wire free MP3 player headsets.  These are perfect for children to use in schools and nurseries, indoors and outside. Storyphone headsets have no movable parts to break or foam pads to pull off.  These also offer a huge range of different features, such as automatic play and group listening, making them ideal for children’s listening activities.

The Remote Console

The Remote Console (pictured next to the base station) is an easy-to-use loud-speaking MP3 player.  It links with Headsets to become the remote control for group listening, and is switch controlled for inclusive access.  Use the built-in microphone for recording your own stories and activities to share later!


  • Six wire free, rechargeable MP3 headsets for listening anywhere, indoors or outside. (Each MP3 player is charged and ready to play out of the box with sample tracks included.)
  • Foam pads that can’t be picked off! (A row of teeth inside the moulding holds the foam pads tightly in place, they cannot be picked off. The only way these can be removed is by loosening the screw and removing the plastic moulding).
  • Very robust and easy to use. Children can play/pause, adjust the volume and move through the different tracks. (Our headsets are designed to twist and bend and stand up to the constant use of little hands)
  • All of our MP3 players come with over 30 audio tracks including stories, songs and listening games.  You can also load up your own audio tracks (MP3 or WAV formats) using the supplied software for your computer.
  • Each player including the Remote Console can be set up to play a different set of tracks so seven children can listen to a different activity at the same time.  Alternatively, have everyone listening to the same track at the same time! (Remote Control feature for group listening).
  • Site license for your establishment allowing you to share your audio resources throughout your establishment.
  • Loud speaking MP3 player with record feature – the “Remote Console”; there’s also an output to drive a loud-speaker or PA system.
  • Multi-way USB base unit for recharging batteries and uploading tracks.
  • Ability to set players into different modes and settings to suit the needs of your children.
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StoryPhones BookShelf Software

All StoryPhones products offer a complete audio solution and are supported by the StoryPhones Bookshelf software for Windows.

StoryPhones Bookshelf comes with a site license to your establishment.  This allows you to install the software on your server, network, or on individual laptops or desktop computers. StoryPhones Bookshelf comes with over 20 sample audio tracks.

There are all sorts of ways you can use the StoryPhones Software.

The StoryPhones software is only available with StoryPhones MP3 Players.
  • Use the media player to listen to audio tracks and to play the stories and songs on your whiteboard or computer speakers.
  • Add and delete MP3 tracks on your StoryPhones Players.
  • Switch between adult and child mode:
    • Child mode: children can safely use the software to choose their own audio tracks.
    • Adult mode: password protected and gives full to all features and download store.
  • Help file with comprehensive set of training videos.
  • Add the same tracks to multiple StoryPhones Players.
  • Import MP3 and WAV tracks to your BookShelf library from other sources.

  • What are the System Requirements?

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    Manage your StoryPhones Players by setting them into different modes:

    • Automatic Play Control.
    • Remote Control Mode.
    • Disable Function Buttons.
    • Play Single Track.
  • Manage your MP3 tracks by:
    • Renaming files.
    • Creating folders.
    • Importing tracks.
    • Creating Playlists.
    • Tag audio files with information and pictures.
    • Move files into different folders.


What are the system requirements?

PC Requirements

  • PC running Windows XP, Vista,7 or 8
  • Over 700MB free disk space
  • Over 512MB of RAM
  • Minimum screen resolution is 800×600 pixels
  • At least one USB port
  • CD ROM drive to install the software (Download alternative can be provided)
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What our customers say about Storyphones:

“These are fantastic! So easy to use and the kids love them. Software technophobe friendly!”  (Wood Lane Primary School)

“These StoryPhones have inspired year 5 reluctant readers to record stories for the younger children. Best ICT investment last year !”  (Holland Haven Primary School)

“The robust and multi-functional nature of the storyphones make them perfect for a continuous provision classroom environment!  They’re great! (James Maloney, Hawes Side School, Blackpool)

View case study from Cairellot Learning Centre


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Click here to check out Storyphone’s YouTube channel…. Loads of self-help tutorials and of course… stories!

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