New to Q: Xorro-Q with Pictures 

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From early June, Xorro-Q customers have been able to add images into their activities. All question types now support images. For now, images are associated with questions only (we do not yet support images as options in multi-choice questions). When creating (or editing) a question in your QF site, just add an image – Xorro takes care of the rest for you. On the student device, the image is displayed immediately below the question text, and above the options.

Coming soon: We are working on a new Question Type: the “clickable image” question. A facilitator will be able to upload an image as part of a question testing image interpretation by participants. Participant screens will display the image and the participant will be invited to click (or touch) on a part of the image to indicate an answer. The shared view (generally the Facilitator’s screen) will display the image, with the location of each participant’s selected click location indicated on it. The facilitator will be able to specify – either in advance, or after the responses are received – which parts of the image might pertain to a correct selection, and hence the participant responses can be automatically scored.

The “clickable image” question type has obvious applications to any setting where image interpretation is involved. Consider for example, education and assessment in radiology, anatomy, and biology; geography and mapping; engineering and mathematics.