Manzana’s Windows 7 series: Using the hand writing input panel

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If you’re currently using Windows 7 then take a look at the tablet pc input panel.

Made for a tablet pc, the tablet pc input panel is ideal for use with interactive whiteboards (especially 2Touch). It provides you with the ability to use your handwriting (on the screen/board), convert it to text and then place the text on your page.

Opening the panel 

To open up the input panel follow the points below:

  • Windows menu
  • All programs
  • Accessories
  • Tablet PC
  • Tablet PC Input Panel

Using the panel

  • Choose where you want the text to be added (select a text box in Workbook, PowerPoint etc..).
  • Bring up the panel
  • Begin writing on the lined space within the panel
  • As you complete each word text will begin to appear
  • Once you have all the text you want to insert click head to the bottom right hand side of the panel and click insert.

Using the standard on-screen keyboard

To use the standard on-screen keyboard select the keyboard icon on the top left hand side of the panel. To change back to the input panel select the input icon on the top left hand side.

Once you’re done using the panel click the close icon on the top right hand side. The panel will now move to the left hand side of your screen (you’ll only see a very small part of the panel). To open the panel up again, move the cursor towards the visible part of the panel and click on it.