King of Quiz

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Whangaparaoa Primary School principal Steve Collins was a winner at the Learn @ Schools Conference, in Rotorua (February 2005). He competed against other principals in a general knowledge quiz run on a Classroom Performance System (CPS).  The contest ran throughout the three day conference. Semi-finals were held each day to whittle down the participants. Eighteen finalists battled it out on the last day and Mr Collins was crowned quiz king, winning a SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard.

“It was fun but the greatest kick was winning,”, Mr Collins says. “years of filling my head with facts and figures finally paid off. I realised this was something I wanted to do for the school and it (the SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard) will make a big contribution to learning.”

Mr Collins’ next challenge is to decide which classroom will get to use the new SMARTBoard interactive whiteboard.