IWB Tips and Tricks for March

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Using the annotate function for movies

One of the great uses for an interactive whiteboard is the ability to use the screen capture and annotate feature.  One of the neat things you can do with the screen annotate function is the ability to scribble over the top of videos.  Whether it’s to point out symbolism in a movie or highlighting the correct angles you should take when running into high jump, screen annotate provides you with a tool for accurately pointing out the finer details.

Using different pointers

The value of having a touch based IWB, such as 2Touch, is that you can use any pointing device that you want to control the board.  For example, when using a paint programme (such as art rage) use a paint brush as your pointing device.  It adds to the fun and helps you to get the most out of the interactivity that your IWB posses.

The free download for March is: 

Matchstick mania

An ideal tool for your IWB, Matchstick mania gives you a variety of different match stick combination games to get your students thinking.  Given a set of match sticks, you must follow the instructions and try to create a new shape within the set of moves explained in the instructions.   There are over 24 different puzzles to complete, but you can also create your own.

Whether it’s get to your student’s minds going before the lesson or just getting them use to using your IWB then matchstick mania is worth a look.

You can download Matchstick mania from here: