Driver & configuration software for 2Touch IWB’s

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Models of 2Touch IWB’s

Model Years Plug-and-Play Multi-Touch Calibration
2Touch TE106 2014-current Yes: Windows, MacOS Yes, up to ten simultaneous point, no additional drivers needed Calibration utility required
Download TouchServer

Download TouchServer-MacOS

2Touch 2150 (all sizes) 2009-2014 Yes, Windows, MacOS (MacOS requires configuration of IWB to support multiple platforms) Yes for Windows Vista, 7, 8; requires NextWindow multi-touch drivers.
Installation Manual
On-board calibration button; no additional software needed.
2Touch 2102 (all sizes) 2007-2009 Yes, Windows, MacOS Multi-touch gestures in XP supported by additional drivers. Not compatible with later versions of Windows or to MacOS. On-board calibration button; no additional software needed.

Connecting to your 2Touch IWB:
All 2Touch Interactive Whiteboards are plug-and-play, meaning that any Windows or MacOS computer should be able to simply connect to them via the USB cable, and be able to control the computer from the IWB surface.  This is the most basic level of connection, in which the IWB is treated by the computer as a mouse, using the HID drivers native to Windows and MacOS.

If you find that you cannot connect to a 2Touch IWB, check your USB connections first.  In nearly all cases, the fault will lie with a cable, a connection or a USB device such as a hub or “smart” USB extension cable which is stopping the computer from correctly connecting to the IWB.  If the IWB is connected directly to the computer (ie not through any extension cables or components such as hubs or panels) and still cannot be detected by the computer, please contact for help.

Multi-touch support for your 2Touch IWB:
2Touch IWB’s from model 2150 onwards (ie later than 2009) are multi-touch capable on Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.    In the case of the 2Touch model 2150, the NextWindow multi touch device driver must be installed on the computer in order for multi-touch functionality to be supported by the IWB.  Furthermore, the IWB must be configured for multi touch (this is the default setting).  Multi touch configuration on the IWB is incompatible with support for the MacOS platform, so if your IWB is to be used with both Windows and Mac OS platforms then multi-touch will be disabled.

Calibrating your 2Touch IWB:
On connecting the IWB, you will need to occasionally calibrate it to the projected display.  With model 2102 and 2150 IWB’s this is achieved by pressing the calibration button on the IWB: no additional software is needed.  In the case of the later model 106, a calibration utility must be installed on the computer and launched from the Windows Taskbar.

Additional technical resources:
The following software utilities are available for configuring a 2Touch IWB.  These require expert understanding, and if used incorrectly can result in the total loss of function in your IWB.  Please therefore take great care in using these tools; you are using them entirely at your own risk.  We (2Touch Australia Pty Limited, Xorro Solutions Limited, Manzana Limited) cannot provide any warranty or guarantee on the results from use of these tools by persons other than our own current employees and consultants.

2Touch IWB installation manual
2Touch IWB installer quick checks
2Touch USB Config utility (NextWindow nwtouch v2.9) CAUTION REQUIRED: USE THIS TOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK
2Touch USB Settings Utility – model 2150 (NextWindow USB Settings v3.9) CAUTION REQUIRED: USE THIS TOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK
2Touch USB Settings Utility – model 2102 (NextWindow USB Settings-2009 version) CAUTION REQUIRED: USE THIS TOOL AT YOUR OWN RISK