Caring for your 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard

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Caring for your 2Touch IWB is easy and care-free.

The porcelain steel surface is impervious to all of the usual glass cleaners: these work a treat when removing stubborn ink stains.  An isopropyl alcohol based fluid is ideal.  Do not use abrasives or scourers as these might scratch the enamel surface of the whiteboard.

If someone’s used a permanent marker on the surface, you’ll need to write over this with a conventional dry-erase marker, leave it for a few moments, and wipe off.  Do this several times over until the permanent ink is all gone.

Try to clean your whiteboard surface frequently, and soon after using it, since even dry-erase ink can become stubborn to remove once it’s been allowed to stay on the surface for a long time (eg: weeks on end).  This can result in “ghosting”: traces of the marker ink barely visible on the surface.  This will come off – but it might need a bit more effort and repeated attempts.

Remember to wipe the dust off the bottom edge of the whiteboard on a weekly basis, as heavy dust and dirt build-up over time can affect touch performance.

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