How to extend the life of your projector

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Tips for looking after your projector 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your projector – and avoid the cost of buying expensive replacement bulbs – then here are a few tips to keeping your projector in tip top shape. 

1. Regularly clean the filter 

A direct cause of projector malfunctioning can often be linked to over heating, specifically caused by a clogged up air filter. Whilst most new projectors, like the Epson EB410W, you simply slide the air filter out from the side of the projector, for older projectors may need to refer to your manual and see how to obtain the filter. Generally it’s a very quick process to clean the filter, but you’ll be surprised the amount of dust built up on it. 

2. Always turn off your projector using the remote 

Never turn your projector of at the wall i.e. cutting the power instantly. Always use the remote or menu buttons on the projector. Allowing for a cool down time (see below). 

3. Let your projector cool down after using 

The ‘cool down’ time for your projector happens directly after you turn it off. Doing so makes sure that you let the projector fully cool itself down before turning it off at the wall. This generally takes up to around 5 minutes for older projectors (new projectors take very little time) but is essential in extending the life of your projector. Once the internal fan has finished its work you can unplug/turn off at the wall. 

4. Restricting airflow 

Although not a big problem for ceiling or wall mounted projectors, it’s always good to ensure that there is nothing paced around the air vent/filter of the projector (prevent blockages). 

5. New projector or new bulb 

It’s always good to let your projector run for a while when you first get it or replace the bulb. 

6. Replace the bulb 

If your projector bulb is coming to the end of it’s life (1,000 – 2,000 lamp hours tends to be the norm), visible signs being a decrease in image brightness, or the projector having an inability to show any light after being turned on (may hear a clicking noise), then it’s best to be proactive and replace it. If your bulb ends up blowing it can be a messy and expensive job. 

7. Economy mode 

A lot of projectors have an economy mode that can be switched on and increase projector life by upwards of 20%. 

8. Continual use 

Try to limit turning your projector on or off during use. The continual influx of power will affect your lamps life.