Giant LED Displays Amaze at EMA 

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EMA took delivery this week of two brand new 84″ interactive LED displays, combined with Workbook software and a five user license for Xorro-Q. EMA Northern’s Manager for Learning, David Foley, reflected on how the decision was arrived at.

As part of EMA’s review of the training resources in the classrooms, a team comprising the Learning Portfolio Managers and a selection of trainers assessed both student response units and interactive display technologies. The team compared the options of projected interactive whiteboards, with the new generation of giant LED/LCD interactive displays. The team concluded that, while a bit more expensive, the 2Touch LED touchscreen is a superior solution that will provide EMA with a better learning environment fit for the 21st century.

Benefits of interactive LCD / LED displays include:
• No on-screen shadow from the user,
• Superior quality of image, especially for video streaming and video-conferencing.
• 70 inch and the 84 inch screens are a similar size to the current projector screens, therefore a large enough image to be seen from the back of the room
• Has a 21st century look about it, a bit like an oversized iPad

Six suppliers were assessed and three made the shortlist. All three had similar hardware products at similar prices, so ultimately the decision came down to the choice of classroom software and student response technology. EMA chose Manzana’s 2Touch LCD/LED interactive displays, with 2Touch Workbook and the Xorro-Q audience response solution.

Benefits of choosing Manzana include:
• Workbook and Xorro-Q both run independently of each other and of hardware, providing the flexibility of deployment and use essential to EMA’s variety of settings including training, meetings, conferences and other events with and without the touchscreen.
• Xorro-Q is web browser based, so audience participants can access it from anywhere using any browser enabled device (mobile phones, iPads, laptops etc);
• 2Touch Workbook is more intuitive to use than other solutions considered;
• Existing content such as PowerPoint presentations could be instantly extended to make use of the new interactive potential;
• Manzana is a New Zealand based company with local designers willing to add functions based on customers feedback.