Fourth quarter survey shows continual improvement in all areas of Manzana’s customer service

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As part of Manzana’s on-going commitment to improving the way we deliver our solutions we conduct quarterly customer surveys. The survey focuses on four key Manzana areas: people, solutions, training, and solution delivery.

Manzana would like to thank all our customers that responded to the survey, you’re insights, as always, are greatly appreciated.

Manzana would also like to thank the people that responded to our second and third quarter surveys for the year – a lot of notes were taken from the surveys and procedures and processes have been changed to reflect your views.

Major notes from final quarter survey:

– Manzana received no negative marks throughout the entire survey

– All questions saw an improvement in their overall responses

– Customer experience out of 10: In the previous survey Manzana received a 6.7 out of 10 average. In the latest quarterly survey Manzana has received an 8.45 out of 10.

– Reservations in working with Manzana again: In the previous survey we saw 20% of respondents had reservations in working with Manzana again. The latest survey has seen 0% of respondents having reservations.

– Training and installations: Previous surveys have seen a 23 – 25% rate of unhappiness with installations and initial training. Latest surveys have shown a 0% rate of unhappiness.

– Over 90% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that the solution has met their needs – 10% where neutral. No disagreements given.

– Overall 85% of you felt that Manzana staff went out of their way for you – with 15% remaining neutral.

Survey petrol voucher

Congratulations to Philip Moll from Wilson school for winning the $50 petrol voucher. Every survey respondent was entered into the draw for a $50 petrol voucher and this quarter the voucher finds its way to Philip.

Once again, Manzana would like to thank all its customers for responding to the survey and sharing you insights. We appreciate all feedback.

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