August Tips and Tricks

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Tips and tricks – August 09

This month’s trick is another unique way for hiding and revealing answers.

The best way to explain this trick is to guide you through the creation process (not to forget the video) and then you can see the magic unfold right before your own eyes.

This trick uses layering and makes use of the move behind and move to the front functions.

Step 1: Open up a new file and create a good sized square box – with a fill colour of green for this example.

Step 2: To the side of the box create a circle and use a fill colour of yellow for the circle

Step 3: Using the TEXT function, click on a white area away from the circle or square.

Step 4: Choose the same colour as you used for the square (in this case green) and then type in a word – for this example I will use ‘Manzana’.

Step 5: Drag ‘Manzana’ into the square box – as the word is the same colour as the box it will now disappear.

Step 6: Clicking and drag the yellow circle across the box, as you do this it will eventually reveal the Manzana text.

The layering of the objects is essential. You have three objects: the box, the text and the circle (reveal tool). You must make sure that the box is the item at the back (send to back), the circle must be the middle object (in front of the box but behind the text) and the text must be the object at the front (bring to front).

You can use this trick a many different ways. You can replace the circle with a magnifying glass, a flash light, or a spotlight.