April’s Tips and Tricks

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Planning your day using the IWB

A fantastic supporter of interactive whiteboards over the years has been Julie King (who just happens to be an amazing teacher and top notch West Ham supporter as well) and one of the features of her lessons is the use of her IWB to plan out her day.

Julie starts off with a list of everything that is happening for today and as each task is finished Julie returns to the list and drags that task to the ‘rubbish bin’ (which is just a picture of a bin that is brought to the front of the page).

Using page links, Julie, links each tasks heading to a page in her IWB software file with information or activities for that task. Making it easy to access and organise her lessons. She also links back to the original daily planner from each page.

To see more of Julie and others in action watch the clip below (please excuse the shaky camera work).

Interactive whiteboard evening

If you guys have a great tip for using your interactive whiteboard and want to share it with the world then send it in toliam@manzana.co.nz.