A Widening Audience for Xorro-Q 

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So… you make presentations to audiences. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple, instant way to involve your audience in your questions, using their own cellphones, tablets etc? Especially if along the way you identify the individuals, their interests and needs, collecting opinions, understandings, even full text ideas…..

Two years ago, developers in the 2Touch team started working on a project they dubbed Xorro-Q. By September 2011, an early prototype demonstrated the concept:
– A desktop toolbar which allows a presenter to focus audience attention on the content without distraction of web pages or specialised applications;
– Ability to ask a question – any question – instantly and easily, right from a slide show, video, or whatever other context is on screen;
– Receive answers from the audience – both voting and text – back on the screen and be able to integrate these instantly with your applications of choice;
– Participation requires no special devices – any one with a browser can participate in real time, and form factors suiting cell phones through tablets and laptops are perfect;
– The presenter can see at a glance how the participation process is going;
– All data is saved for later access and analysis.

Once Xorro-Q was finally released in September 2012, it was aimed squarely at Manzana’s key market of K-13 schools. Much to our surprise however, earliest adopters for this solution have varied greatly including associations wanting to communicate with their memberships at group meetings and conferences; University lecturers dealing with large classes of many hundreds of students; trainers needing to assess while playing video.

Now as Xorro-Q enters its second generation, new functionality has even greater appeal to anyone wanting to communicate and involve an audience:
– a new Q-Launcher Toolbar is more elegant and even easier to use;
– feedback and marking can now be automated;
– the range of question types is expanding very fast.

Check it out on www.xorro.com/products/q