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Pull tabs

As you may know, the good old hide and reveal activities work wonders in class and over the past year we have reviewed a couple of nifty ways to perform it. This month we’re looking at the idea of pull tabs and the ability to hide information off-screen and then pull it on-screen using the tab.

• The best way to do this is to create two boxes: one larger one for your info/text (could be a picture) and another smaller one for your pull tab.
• Put the information you want to hide into the larger box.
• Mark your pull tab in some way e.g. an arrow
• Place the two boxes next to each other. If you want your main box to be hidden to the right of the screen then place the pull tab to the left of the box. 
• Simply highlight both items, by dragging across them or clicking on one and holding down the shift key as you click on the other.
• Group the boxes together
• Using the pull tab you can drag the box off-screen leaving only the pull tab visible. 
Obviously as you get use to using this technique you will begin to find novel ways of using the pull tab style of hide and reveal. 

The free download is: 

PowerPoint Games

Looking to add a spice and gaming fun to your class, why not check out these free PowerPoint games. Based on your favourite game shows: Who wants to be a millionaire?, Wheel of fortune, Jeopardy and the Weakest link. These games are all run using PowerPoint, which means that you can add your own questions and team names.