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Working with Images

July 22, 2014

So, it’s time to put an image onto your canvas….  manipulate it, change it’s properties etc….

Working with Videos

July 22, 2014

Add links to any object on your canvas. Links can launch web pages (internal or external browser), or other files on your computer such as sounds or videos.

Panning in Workbook

July 22, 2014

Video demonstration on how to use the Pan tool function in Workbook

Formatting Objects

July 15, 2014

Any object’s properties can be changed instantly in Workbook.  Change fill, stroke, opacity, line properties, label properties etc…. Right click on the object and select “properties”, or (once the object is selected) just hit the relevant button the Properties toolbar.

Importing pages

July 15, 2014

Import pages from other Workbook files is a very useful way of capturing work done in earlier files, and bringing it into the current Workbook activity.  

The Grids function lets you display a grid as a background.  It’s much more as well however!  You can choose from square or isometric grid types, or otherwise apply lined, handwriting or music score templates to your pages.  You can also (with square or isometric grids) apply the popular “snap-to” functionality, resulting in perfect alignment of objects […]

On the Page Sorter, each page thumnail offers a menu through which you can access a number of page formatting options.  You can right-click on the thumbnail, or just click on the down-arrow in the upper right corner of the thumbnail to access this menu of options.  Using this menu you ca adjust page size and […]