Xorro-Q Audience Response

Motivate any audience from 10 to 100,000 people

Participate using mobile phones, tablets, computers

Add participation to your slide shows, presentations & lessons

Facilitate brainstorming & consultation workshops

Run quizzes, contests, live game shows

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Phone_Feedback_CorrectAnswer_2013-11-07_160035Xorro-Q (www.xorro.com/products/q) is a real-time audience response solution designed to make presentations, lectures and lessons much more involving.

Benefits: Participation enabled by Xorro-Q greatly improves in-session student motivation and achieves improved learning outcomes from live group settings.

Education institutions benefit from the enhanced student retention, and from rich learning analytics produced from the sessions.  Institution managers receive deep insights into the student experience, and reports identifying students in need of early intervention.

How it works: Using Xorro-Q, students interact using their personal browser-capable mobile devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops or computers. The lecturer can send questions to the student devices, and replies can be displayed for all to share.

Xorro-Q’s Q-Launcher  “tile” floats over any display context (such as a slide show or video etc). Clicking on this tile at any time enables the lecturer to instantly launch a question or activity (either spontaneous, ie verbal, or pre-prepared). A simple dashboard then displays key participant data.

Activities can be scored automatically, in which case Xorro-Q’s optional Leaderboard and feedback provides heightened student motivation. All data is accessible and can be student identified, making Xorro-Q a perfect enabler for real-time formative assessment and for longitudinal analysis.

Where to use Xorro-Q:  Xorro-Q is the perfect complement to a slide show or video or other software on the computer. Xorro-Q is perfect for group brainstorming (eg with a mind-mapping or whiteboarding software tool on the teacher’s computer), or as a means for the teacher to instantly ask questions of the class during a presentation or video in order to assess understanding in the instant. Xorro-Q can also be used to launch and manage quizzes and tests, whether real-time (synchronous) or a-synchronous (eg homework based).

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Xorro-Q can be run entirely from any browser, so you can use Q as a facilitator with a computer, or laptop, or even a mobile phone. to create, edit or launch activities and view results.

However, one Xorro-Q’s attractions is its use together with your other presentation contexts, such as presentation slide shows, videos, whiteboarding software etc.  Using Xorro-Q’s Launcher application, you can select and launch activities and questions at will, without having to switch away from your preferred display context.  You ca also drag-and-drop submitted responses into other software, for example Word or Excel, or into mind mapping software (perfect for those brainstorming activities!)

Xorro-Q Launcher is available for download for either Windows or Mac OS.


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