Wordwall helps any teacher create a teaching resource in less than a minute !

- 40 instant activity templates (ranking, brainstorming, flipcards etc etc
- Suits any IWB or interactive display, or any Windows computer
- Students can access your Wordwalls with their own devices....
.... or use Wordpad 2 clickers or Wordpad 7 tablets for the fully active classroom!

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The Wordwall PC software allows you to freedom to create, play and edit resources. Teachers use it to make interactive games and educational activities.

There are currently 33 templates and over 100 types of games and activities, with every one of them fully customisable with your own content. The software works with or without the Wordpad tablets and clickers. It’s optimised for use with touch screens and interactive whiteboards, but does not depend on these.

Wordwall allows a teacher to enter just a few words and with a couple of clicks, make a resource that would have been impossible with traditional presentation software. Wordwall supports a range of teaching strategies and doesn’t railroad you into one way of doing things.

Create a teaching resource in less than a minute


1. Pick a template…


2. Enter your content….


3. Choose your game !

Access tens of thousands of ready-made lesson activities


>Wordwall users can share their creations with ease. The community has made tens of thousands of bite-sized activities in Maths, English, Science and many other subjects. Each of these can be downloaded and customised without restriction.

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WP2_2013-10-07_154822The Wordpad2 clickers are dedicated handsets that allow Wordwall to be used as an audience response system. They have a QWERTY keypad and a 2-inch colour OLED screen.

Learn more about Wordpad 2

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WP7_wordpad7The Wordpad7 is an all-purpose Android tablet with a 7-inch LCD multitouch screen. It comes preloaded with the Wordwall audience response app, to enable your students to personally access the Wordwall activity shared with the class.  In addition of course, the WP7 can be used for so much more!

Learn more about Wordpad 7 tablets.

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RespondAnywhereMaybe the freedom of having your students use their own devices to access your Wordwalls has appeal…. or maybe some other devices are already available to students for use in class.

Either way, a Wordwall RespondAnywhere subscription gives your school the absolute freedom to have as many teachers using Wordwall as needed, at any time…. and have these Wordwalls accessible to all students using any browser based devices at all.

Learn more about Wordwall RespondAnywhere….