Calibrating your 2Touch Interactive Whiteboard

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Calibrating your 2Touch IWB is sooooo easy – and you don’t need any special software!  Just have your computer connected through to the USB and the projected image displayed on the IWB.

It’s easiest if you can find the calibration launch button.  Depending on who supplied your 2Touch IWB, this might be included within the outside edge of the whiteboard frame, or it might be attached to the top of the whiteboard.  Another place to check is on the cable connections panel, as many customers choose this as their preferred location for this switch.

Once you’ve found the calibration launch button, press it once. You’ll hear a high-pitched beep from the board, and the mouse cursor will move to the upper left quadrant of the projected image.  (To cancel the calibration at any time, just press the button again: you’ll hear a lower tone from the IWB indicating that it is back to normal mode).

At the first calibration position, touch the tip of the cursor with your finger (or a pointer), making sure that the touch is  at right angles to the surface.  Please also make sure that no other object is on the surface and there is no other touch on the surface (eg sleeves, other fingers etc) other than the touch on the calibration point.

After holding the touch on the selected position for a moment, you’ll hear another high pitched beep.  Continue holding the touch for another second, then lift your finger off.  You’ll see the cursor move to the second calibration point, which is on the upper right quadrant of the projected image.  Repeat the process here, and on the last two calibration positions (lower right and lower left quadrants of the projected image, respectively).

On finishing the fourth calibration point, check that the cursor tracks accurately right under your touch point.  If it does not, repeat the calibration process.  Sometimes an iwb gets out of calibration and then requires longer hold points on each calibration point, to progressively correct the calibration.