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As of February 2010 2Touch interactive is pleased to announce that they have partnered with UK based Visual Education (the creators and suppliers of WordWall). The partnership will ensure that every 2Touch board purchased, by a pc school, will come complete with the WordWall interactive software. Meaning 2Touch users will now receive both 2Touch Workbook and WordWall software.

What is WordWall?

WordWall is an innovative software based around the classroom practise of placing multiple sheets of paper on the wall with a collection of words on each. The WordWall interface gives teachers a blank canvas from which to create lesson activities. These activities are made up of interactive tiles containing text, images, shapes, annotations, which can be swapped, flipped, hidden or marked – similar to those of a paper wordwall.


WordWall also takes away the hassle of having to download thousands of images onto your computer or spend hours searching through online databases just to find teacher made resources. WordWall’s innovative online bank puts millions of images, topic keywords, and teacher-created activities right at the user’s finger tips.

WordWall also offers a range of activity ‘wizards’. Simply put the Wizards are activity templates that aid the teacher in instantly creating the most common of classroom activities.

WordPad clickers

WordWall also offer users the ability to extend onto their software by purchasing the WordPad handheld clickers. Designed with a full phone-style keypad the WordPad responders provide each student with the ability to contribute their own ideas to a lesson.

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Unfortunately, WordWall is only PC based so Mac customers will continue to receive the Easiteach package with every 2Touch board.

Find out more about WordWall by heading

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Wordwall activity generation software allows teachers to freedom to create, play and edit resources. Teachers use it to instantly make interactive games and educational activities.

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Workbook whiteboarding software for Windows is suitable for any interactive display or interactive whiteboard, but can also be used without these tools.

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You can use Xorro-Q without this Launcher, however the Launcher does make the use of Xorro-Q activities in live presentations and lesson settings, more convenient.  You’ll need to use your Xorro login to download the Q-Launcher for Windows or the Q-Launcher for Mac