Your 2Touch IWB

We’re committed to helping you get the most from your 2Touch interactive whiteboard.  If, after reading through the following, you cannot find the answers you’re looking for, please email us for help on or call us at 1800-246-808 and select (2) for support.

1. Caring for your 2Touch IWB
2. Calibrating your 2Touch IWB
3. Setting up your on-screen keyboard
4. The Transcribe keyboard option in Windows 7
5. Using your IWB with Office

1. Caring for your 2Touch IWB

Caring for your 2Touch IWB is easy and care-free.  The porcelain steel surface is impervious to all of the usual glass cleaners: these work a treat when removing stubborn ink stains.  An isopropyl alcohol based fluid is ideal.  Do not use abrasives or scourers as these might scratch the enamel surface of the whiteboard.  Read more…..

2. Calibrating your 2Touch IWB

Calibrating your 2Touch IWB is sooooo easy.  Just have your computer connected through to the USB and the projected image displayed on the IWB….. launch calibration…. follow the cursor to touch the target at each of four calibration points…. and you’re done.  Select your model of 2Touch IWB from the following list for more details….:

2Touch 2102 and 2150 series (supplied prior to October 2014)

2Touch TE106 (supplied after October 2014)

3. Setting up your On-Screen Keyboard

See how to set up your On Screen Keyboard so it’s handy to use from your interactive whiteboard or interactive display.

4. Using the Transcribe Keyboard Option in Windows 7

If you select the “Tablet PC Input Panel” as your keyboard in Windows 7 (under All Programs>Accessories>Tablet PC), you’ll be able to easily switch from keyboard to a transcription panel in which your handwriting is converted to text even as you write, ready to insert into your document of choice (Word, Excel, Workbook etc).

5. Using your IWB with Microsoft Powerpoint

Use touch to navigate through the show, and ink to annotate into your slides, when your presentation is in slide show mode.