Wordpad classroom participation

Wordpads are student-held devices which interact with Wordwall activities run by the teacher.  Use Wordpads to involve everyone in the activity, at once.

Wordwall allows a teacher to enter just a few words and, with a couple of clicks, make a resource that would have been impossible with traditional presentation software. Wordwall supports a range of teaching strategies and doesn’t railroad teachers into one way of doing things.  Use Wordwall with an interactive whiteboard, or other display, just on your computer, or to produce paper outputs.

To involve your students in the activities, you have several choices: Use Wordwall on an interactive device, and let students take turns on this device to interact one at a time; Subscribe to Wordwall Anywhere and have students access the activities using any browser; Distribute  Wordpad 2 clickers or Wordpad 7 tablets to students to enable access to activities.

Using the Wordpad7 tablets and Wordpad2 clickers you can track pupil progress, facilitate discussion or play fast-paced learning games in your classroom. Students of all personalities and abilities are able to engage, not just the usual suspects. You can access a range of classroom activities not available with the software alone.


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