A few things you should know

  1. 1
    We have moved to Clayton South

    We are not in Burwood anymore!

    Our new address is Unit 25, 632 Clayton Road, South Clayton, VIC 3204, just  minutes away from the Monash freeway and the Eastlink.

    All our phone and email contacts remain the same, so call us on 1800 246 808 and we’ll arrange your welcome visit to our new showroom.

  2. 2
    From now, call us 2Touch Australia!

    We have recently made the decision to change our business name to 2Touch Australia Pty Limited. Ten years after creating Interactive Whiteboards Australia Pty Ltd, we had to admit that it was not accurately representing our range of solutions: we are much more than a box mover!


  3. 3
    From Optical to Infrared

    From now on, all our Interactive Whiteboards and Displays will be coming with an Infrared Matrix.

    We are following our suppliers into this new touch technology and are happy to announce that our interactive panels have now 4 points of touch!

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    We are on top of the world!

    Did you know that we have the biggest (84″) real Ultra High Definition 4K in the Australian market?

    And when we say 84″, we mean the size of the touch surface is 84″!

    And it is affordable!