A few things you should know

  1. 2Touch and Manzana have joined up!

    2Touch and Manzana combine sales and service operations in Australia and New Zealand, to improve customer experience for Xorro, Workbook and Wordwall users.

    Call 2Touch on 1800 246 808.  Aside from the slightly different accent, you’ll enjoy the same cheerful dedication as before!

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  2. Xorro-Q is now available for free

    Xorro has released free access to Xorro-Q, the innovative audience assessment tool.  Xorro’s “Free Facilitator” can run live or self paced activities for audiences of up to 30 people, and is limited to no more than 100 questions per month.  This access level is ideal for the occasional classroom test, end-of-lecture survey or focus group analysis.  Read more….

  3. Wordwall goes Anywhere

    Wordwall is software enabling teachers the freedom to create, play and edit amazing interactive learning resources. Wordwall is wonderful when used with any IWB or interactive display, but does not rely on these.  Students can also access your Wordwalls using their own devices; otherwise you can  use Wordpad 2 clickers or Wordpad 7 tablets for the fully active classroom!  (Read more….)</br>

  4. Workbook is software for whiteboarders

    Workbook is whiteboarding software, used with any interactive whiteboard or display, or just on a computer.

    If you’ve used whiteboards much, then you already know what’s essential to whiteboarding: easy access that anyone can use; plenty of room to express any idea; simple and intuitive tools. Workbook whiteboarding software combines the simplicity and ease of use we all love from whiteboards, with the productivity benefits of your computer.  (Read more…..)